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At the New Jersey Circus Center, we offer much more than kid & teen activities or birthday parties. Adults can have fun at the circus too!

Our adult classes are also very popular as they offer a unique and fun way to exercise without feeling like you’re actually “working out”. Our adult students find their classes to be not just a great physical workout but also a wonderful mental workout too!

Adult Classes

$ 35
per Class
  • 6 pack of Classes $150
  • 12 pack of Classes $285
Teen Aerial Classes

Aerial A

This class is your introduction to all of the aerial classes that are taught at the New Jersey Circus Center. This will be your introduction to rope, fabric, lyra, trapeze and hammock. It is a great workout for your mind and your body. Climbing, proper alignment, safety knowledge, learning to move in the air and basic aerial skills are all topics that will be covered in this introductory course.

This is a prerequisite course for our other adult aerial courses.

Aerial A/B

In this mixed level class of Aerial A and Aerial B students.  Classes are mixed apparatus and focus on at least two different apparatus each week. New Climbs and more effective use of muscle management are covered as well as beginning drops and more dynamic moves.

Fitness for adults

Circus Strong

Looking for a great way to workout? Don’t just get strong… get Circus Strong!

The title “Circus Strong” comes from an article about a wartime navy officer talking about her favorite workout. Using a variety of both ground and aerial circus skills you will get a total body workout incorporating stamina, core strength, flexibility, upper and lower body strength, and balance. Not to mention it also has fantastic mental benefits – challenging your brain and improving self esteem. You may not break a sweat (though many do) but you will likely be a bit sore the next day.

Our adult students should dress in form fit clothing that is easy to move in. Clothing should be free of zippers, buttons, or things that may catch on equipment. Each class is 90 min in length and includes a cardio warm up and a cool down stretch.

Private Lessons

Private Lessons are available for either individuals or couples.  Lessons will cover skills at the request of the student and are scheduled based on the joint availability of  both student and coach.  Additional people maybe added to a private lesson at a rate of $10 per person.  Rates are as follows:

1 hour lesson $65

75 min lesson $75

Warm up and cool down are not included in the lesson time and students are encouraged to arrive early enough to warm up on their own.

Instructor Doug Brown teaching adult class

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Teen Strength at the Circus
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